Quality CLH

The products that NORPETROL supplies and transports are loaded in CLH (Hydrocarbons Logistics Company) and they fulfill all the characteristics that are determined in the specifications list of CLH and the Ministry of Industry and Energy.

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 Analysis Labaratory Fuels

Both in Gas Centres and gas stations Norpetrol are periodically analyse its fuels in the Regional Fuel Labaratory-LARECOM of the Castilla y Leon region to follow up of products and ensure highest quality. 


Norpetrol embedded a 5 microfiltration system in all stations. These devices reduce 100% of liquid particles and 97% of solid particles, along with emissions.


Terminal carga CLH Bilbao

Additive Treatment

Additive HQ300 Diesel

All automotive fuels contains the additive HQ300 (multifunctional additive developed for use in automotive gas oils)

HQ300 improves ingnition quality, the cleaning of injectors and the good conservation of the injection pumps. Its features provoke positive effects in the thrift of fuel, noise reduction and pollutants, ease startup, start on cold and lightness while steering.

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Additive HQ400 Gasoline

Prevents the formation of deposits in the inlet valve.

Keeps injectors clean both direct and indirect injecton.

The best in cleaning of the intake systems of the engines which lead to positive effects in the thrift of fuel, reduction of pollutants, ease startup and lightness while steering.

Antifreeze additive

It is added in the winter to diesel fuel to improve its performance at very low temperaturas.

Antistatic Additive

It is added to improve the electrical conductivity.

Bactericidal Control

Tequil Bacteroil-

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