All of our products are loaded in CLH and they fulfill certain feature that are determined in the specifications list of CLH and the Ministry of Industry and Energy. We analyze our fuels weekly in the Regional Fuel Labaratory of the Castilla y Leon so highest quality is guaranteed.

Unleaded petrol 95

Thanks to excellent Inonova 95 formulation, that improves the performance of gasoline engines and prolongs lifetime, representing a significant saving in consumption and maintenance costs.

Diesel Additive 10

Diesel Additive 10 is a new generation fuel prepared for the latest technology engines, forming the best choice for nowadays drivers. According to latest advanced technological research results. This research is carried out in order to obtain the most effective, advanced and clean fuels.

Gasoleo B Agroenergy

DIESEL B AGROENERGY NORPETROL is suitable with other agricultural gas oils as well as with all tiypes of engines and agricultural machinery, both new and old. It is the evolution of agricultural diesel towards a more ecological fuel with a low sulphur content (only 10 ppm) that increases engine performance and reduces consumption. It can also be used for heating.

Diesel C Heating Efficiency

The Diesel Heating Efficiency is more environmentally friendly diesel oil because by achieving a greater preformance in combustion, it maneages to reduce the emission of particles into the atmosphere.With our Heating Oil Efficiency, we maintain high calorific value and a long lifetime for the boilers of thousands of homes.Advantages that are localized into a greater economy

Pellets Ribpellet

The pellet is a granulated wood used as type of combustible. It’s made by pressing, where the wood’s own lignin acts as a binder. It is an efficient way to take advantage of biomass energy, because at this way the energy density of the biomass is significantly increased.

Ad Blue

The Ad Blue converts harmful NOx from the exhaust of diesel vehicle into harmless nitrogen and steam, which drastically reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, that are one of the main causes of air pollution in urban centers. According to WHO studies, NOx emissions worsenes asthma problems.