Professional services


Reciva  is a company of well-rounded services, companies and transport professionals that covers all administrative needs and support on route. Your companys only thing left to do will be focusing on transport.

Reciva has a firm and  motivated team, and always on ongoing training. Promotes our menagement,  the network of  national and international associates. In the end, only thing that determine the value of companies is human  factor. The service offered to its clients are:

  • Intra-Community VAT Recovery
  • Profesional Diesel
  • Highway tolls all over the Europe
  • Surety of fines in Spain
  • Unlocking vehicles all over the Europe
  • Sanctions management
  • 24 Hour Assistance
  • Macron Law and displacement of workers


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Professional & Trucks

Enjoy all of our services such as supervised parking, free showers, Wi-Fi connections, mini-market… a whole world of services for  transport experts on road.