Distribution in Burgos and La Rioja

NORPETROL is much more than a diesel distribution company. It is a company that cares about offering the highest quality fuels and fuels for the automotive, industry, the agricultural world and the home.

Distribution centers

Norpetrol distribucion
Norpetrol distribucion


Automotive diesel - Industry

NORPETROL distributes automotive diesel to fleets, companies and industry, as well as to any company that needs a constant supply of fuel for its vehicles in its daily operations.

agricultural diesel

The agricultural diesels distributed by NORPETROL are the evolution of traditional diesel for agricultural machinery.

They are more ecological diesels with less sulfur content, which increase engine performance, prolonging its useful life and reducing consumption.

Diesel heating service

We respond to heating diesel needs efficiently, attending to your request with a 24 hour service, always maintaining our commitment and rigorously respecting all specifications and quality criteria.


Protect the environment with Adblue
Vehicles equipped with SCR technology only emit water vapor and nitrogen.

We contribute to reducing emissions by applying Norpetrol's commitment to the environment

Why AdBlue Norpetrol?
Our AdBlue meets all product quality requirements, and is approved by the main manufacturers.

  • Purity at 32.5% Urea
  • ISO-22241 + ISO-9002 regulations
  • VDA Licensing Compliance


Pellets ENplus A-1 certified
Ecological 100% product, without residues or additives
Produced from wood waste

The energy, fuel and derivatives sector has been evolving rapidly in recent years, with a marked trend towards the use of more environmentally friendly products. Norpetrol is no stranger to this field and, in addition to its increasingly ecological fuels, has been working for some time on the commercialization of alternative energies that are more respectful of the environment.

Pellet is a wood-based granular fuel. It is manufactured by pressing, where the lignin of the wood itself acts as a binder. It is an efficient way of taking advantage of the energy of the biomass, since in this way the energy density of the biomass is considerably increased.

Pellets is certified ENplus, class A1, based on the European standard EN 14961-2, referring to pellets produced from 100% wood.

Installation of tanks

If you need to install your diesel tank, we have the best group of specialists.

Facilities approval

We offer you the best specialized technical advice, taking into account safety specifications and current regulations.

Any questions you have, they will gladly solve it.