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Tax services

Recover VAT and other taxes on your trips

Did you know that you can request a refund of the VAT paid for consumption made during your trips?

If you are a company or freelancer with consumption in countries of the European Union, where you are not fiscally established, we help you managing the recovery of VAT paid for products and services related to your activity.

You can recover VAT on fuel consumption and tolls, but also on hotels, taxis, repairs, ferries, fairs...

The amount of the refunds varies depending on the country and the type of consumption made.

Toll payment solutions

Our toll devices work on the main European motorway networks, and thanks to satellite and radio frequency technologies, they will allow you to pay them without having to stop the vehicle.

Thanks to this, since they are simple and easy-to-install devices, you will be able to optimize the control and management of your fleet, simplifying invoicing and VAT recovery.


Reciva is a comprehensive service company for individuals, companies and transport professionals that covers all administrative needs and support en route. So your company will only have to focus on its transport activity.

Reciva has a solid and motivated team, always in continuous training. Our management is supported by a network of national and international collaborators. We know that, in the end, it is the human factor that determines the value of companies. The services that Reciva offers to its clients are:

Professional & Trucks

Enjoy all our services such as guarded parking, free showers, Wi-Fi connections, minimarket... a whole world of services for road transport professionals.