Norpetrol Cards

Refuel 24 hours a day with discounts at 0 cost

Norpetrol Cards allow fuel supply to be obtained 24 hours a day at the network of gas stations attached to the Norpetrol service. A network of fully automated stations strategically located on the main roads in Spain. In addition you can benefit from an extensive network of more than 400 stations in France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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Card specially created for professionals, from small businessmen to large transport companies. Designed with the desire to offer a modern and secure payment method.

Norpetrol Tarjeta Professional and Truck


It allows you to refuel at our entire network of service stations while you have a positive balance in your favour. The customer can top up the cards by bank transfer. You also have the possibility of doing it from Norpetrol's own stations with credit cards or cash. Credit coverage is not required or required.

Norpetrol Tarjeta Club Pro


Cost 0. No issuance or renewal fees. The Norpetrol Gasóleo Bonificado Card is exclusive for diesel B.

Norpetrol Tarjeta Bonificado


The Norpetrol Eurocard is a service card that can be used throughout Europe and complete supply services on your route through Europe. It has all the advantages of the Professional Card.

Norpetrol Tarjeta Europcard

and identification

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